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Imprex International, Inc. set the standard for advanced technology as the first provider of non-magnetic titanium tools. Since then, we continue to raise the bar we set in place with innovative manufacturing techniques, the most comprehensive selection for every application, and the highest levels of quality. Using only the finest tool grade of titanium available, 6AL-4V, we supply tools to service the aerospace, bio-medical, diagnostic imaging, clean room electronic labs and many other industries. We also supply non-ferrous aluminum bronze tools which are more cost effective. For the best and safest non-magnetic & non-ferrous tool experience, our titanium tool line is recommended. Please see our certifications at the bottom of the website for our 3T rated titanium tools. If using tools around a 1.5T magnet or higher we recommend our titanium line of tools. Buy with confidence. We have stock levels on our store site. When you checkout, you'll receive an instant confirmation. When you checkout and your order says it will ship, it will ship. No out of stock surprises. If a part is out of stock you'll know before you purchase. We believe in being honest and upfront with our customers. Other non-ferrous tool and non-magnetic tool sites can't promise that.

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