Titanium Hex Key (Allen) w/ T-Formed Handles

Imprex International offers a range of titanium T-handle hex (Allen) keys. We are your complete resource for an Allen key with a handle to service MRI machines and other equipment that generates a magnetic field. Using a titanium Allen wrench with a handle is much safer when working on these devices because they are not made with ferrous metal. This means these T-handle Allen keys are not magnetic, and as such there is no risk of them being suddenly pulled from a technician’s hands.

Using a non-magnetic hex key with handle means workers can avoid serious injuries that could occur if the equipment begins generating a magnetic field. In addition to MRI equipment, these also can be used on furniture, electronics, automobiles and more. To learn more about our full assortment of titanium T-handle hex keys, browse through our inventory here on this page or reach out to speak with one of our representatives today.


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