Titanium Phillips Screwdrivers

Imprex International, Inc. carries a wide range of non-magnetic Phillips screwdrivers for use when servicing MRI machinery. We offer titanium Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes as well as kits containing multiple tools.

Our range of titanium Phillips head screwdrivers enables technicians to service equipment that generates powerful magnetic fields without risk. Using hand tools made from ferrous metals on these machines means they could be violently pulled from workers’ hands if they become energized, causing serious and even life-threatening injuries.

These products are just a small portion of the non-magnetic tool offerings we provide — we’re also your go-to resource for flat head screwdrivers as well as other hand tools made from non-magnetic metals. Everything we carry lives up to the same high standards of durability and quality, so you can count on them to deliver superior performance for your applications.

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